terça-feira, 3 de maio de 2011


É difícil mesmo pensar no que dar para as mães 3 x por ano: dia das mães, aniversário e Natal...
a sugestão de hoje são as velas Voluspa, são lindas, perfumadas, sua mãe vai curtir seja para colocar no lavabo, sala, quarto, cozinha....são 50 aromas.

Voluspa candles are pure luxury. We don't cut corners or put anything into our candles that is not of the highest quality. Our fragrances are second to none and take hours of careful development to create.

We began conducting experiments working with every wax and material used for candles that we could find. Our goal was to make a candle that burned clean and deep into the wax in order to maximize both glow and fragrance throw. Once we started to blend waxes, working with those traditionally used by European candle-makers, we made tremendous progress. The resulting formula from these experiments is a highly refind blend of several types of exceptional quality waxes. These waxes combined handled every frangrance we developed expertly, yielded an extended burn time, and a lustrous glow.

Voluspa Ceramic Pedestal Candle 6 oz

Voluspa Japonica 10.5 oz Reed Diffuser

Voluspa Japonica 3 Wick Candle in Decorative Tin 12 oz

Voluspa Japonica Baltic Amber Gift Set

Voluspa Japonica Boxed 10 oz Candle pot w/Lid

Voluspa Japonica Large Ceramic 3-wick Candle 22 oz

Voluspa Japonica Moisturizing Hand Soap 12 oz

Voluspa Japonica Pedestal Ceramic Candle 6 oz

Voluspa Japonica RoomSpray 3.5 oz

Voluspa Japonica Santiago Huckleberry Gift Set

Voluspa Japonica Shea Butter Hand Lotion 12 oz

Voluspa Mason Noir 2 Wick Metallo 11.oz

Voluspa Mason Noir Classic Candle 12.oz

Voluspa Mason Noir Petite Jar Candle 1.7oz

Voluspa Mason Noir Tall Ceramic Candle 15.oz

Voluspa Season Collection 3-Wick Color Metallic Candle in Velvet Box 16 oz

Voluspa Seasons Collection 3 Wick Decorative Tin 12 oz

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